30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 9

Hello yall!

Today I did not want to put any makeup on. I almost did not! But alas, I put some makeup on and I have to tell you, it really did make me feel like I was ready for the day. I dressed up to help with my children’s school store and I have to admit, it truly did make me feel better to put my makeup on instead of just being dressed up.  How do you feel when you put your makeup on? It used to be a rare occasion for me because I was not 100 % about wearing makeup anymore. I just  was so so about it.

I have noticed in the last two weeks that when I put my makeup on, I truly do feel better about my appearance. I have started to notice that I am actually trying to make sure my hair is ok and that I look good even when I have my home clothes on. I am noticing that I am looking in the mirror a lot more. It kind of sucks for that. I used to be a mirror hog. I loved looking in the mirror. Well when you get babies running around, You do not always have time to stop and look in the mirror. My babies are growing up and getting older. I have a little more time to make sure that I look presentable.  If you are a momma, do you feel that it hinders you being able to look more “presentable” when babies won’t give you enough time to do it?

Well… Without further a due…


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30 Day Makeup Challenge – Confessions of a Military Spouse

Hello! Happy Friday!

I am so multi-tasking today. Been on the run! I am now making dinner and posting on the blog. I hope that you are all going to have amazing plans for the weekend. I mean even if it means just sitting around and hanging out on the couch.. it will and can be amazing! Today concludes the first 5 days of wearing makeup every day. It was easier today to get the makeup on my face and in fact, I was kind of like.. ” I got to get my makeup on today”. It was nice to go around town today with a made up face. I colored my hair last night too. I love light highlights during the spring and summer. During the Fall and Winter I LOVE Dark hair. I have naturally Dark Brown hair. I used  foam on my hair. It was difficult for me to color my hair properly. I actually missed a spot and I have to redo it  in a few spots. I gotta get running, my daughter has ballet class on Fridays….. Why I picked the night to relax to do dance class, the world may never know. I hope you have an amazing memorable day!

Without further a due…

ME Day 5!

I leave you this friday and I hope that you again have a fabulous day!

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Confessions of a Military Spouse- Makeup 30 Day Challenge- Day 2

Hello everyone!

Ok, so I did pretty good yesterday. The makeup was not too bad. It did make me crazy when I tried to scratch my face or when I wanted to sneak in a nap. It was a little uncomfortable to be wearing makeup with nowhere to go. I felt also like because I had makeup that I should not have been wearing my work out clothes yesterday… all day. I also felt like I should have done my hair to make it look nicer. I just didn’t have the motivation to complete it. Today putting on makeup, I decided to go with a more neutral palette today. I am wearing all brown today, so my makeup is also brown. I did not do my hair too much except to put it up. I was debating if I should put my hair up… just not in the mood to get it done today.

Well without further a due… Here is my picture number 2:

Forgive my crazy hair here. We woke up to crazy rain and the humidity out here in South Carolina is killing me today. Also, just was not in the mood to put my hair slick today. I am so tired. My husband and I have been doing the Insanity workout. It is killing me! It is great and has started working on me. But I have to work out when he is ready to work out and it is usually at 10 pm. If it was up to me, I would work out at 9 am and be done for the day. No way.. I mean come one we totally need to work out and go to bed at 11 pm dead tired and wake up at 6:30 dead tired! Totally doesn’t make sense but oh well. Sorry to be just rambling here today. Gonna go and get some things done around the house.. I hope you have an amazing day.

Are you following the Challenge? Are you participating? How it is going for you? Let me know in the comments section! I would love to hear from ya!

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