What are you favorite Fall/Winter Recipes?

I absolutely adore the fall! I love that we can eat more hearty meals that stick to your ribs. Moving from Cali to SC, we still have the heat coast to coast during the summer. The winter is alot cooler in Cali than in SC. I do not wish that I lived somewhere that it snowed alot. I love to visit places that get that cold!

My husband is very picky when it comes to eating food. He is like my baby. He will not eat anything green. Well I can not say anything because he has recently started eating Avacados ( Only if it is guacamole). He does not eat hardly any veggies except: Corn, Potatoes, and Mac n Cheese ( because in the south, Mac n Cheese is a veggie). We usually eat alot of chili, potato soup, pot roast, beans and rice, alot of cornbread.

What are some of your favorite meals? Care to share the recipe? I would love to feature you on here!

Until next time


Make up Challenge Day 6 Week 2

Hello everyone! Man o man what a weekend we had! We spent time with some good friends. You know you have those friends that you sit and talk and just have a good time and before you know it, it is 6 o’clock in the morning? Well we had that kind of morning yesterday! I truly believe that God brought us here to be friends with our previous neighbors from the base. Earlier this year we moved off the base into civilian housing. We are loving this housing a whole lot better since we can really be on our own!

I have to tell you, I feel horrible today! I realized that it is the allergies in the air making me feel bad! I just did not want to put make up on today but I did anyway because of my word, but it was not easy! I thought if I put make up on this morning that I would feel better! NOT! I still feel bad and can’t rub my eyes. This weekend was great to not have to worry about money! I loved that I could just be ‘free’.

Without further a due.. Here is meNow I gotta go fold the clothes behind me. See I threw them down and put my makeup on fast and took the picture to have the post up. I may need a nap today! ( btw, do you love the fake smile today? I sooo tried to look not sick ha ha)


Until next time…

30 Day Makeup Challenge – Confessions of a Military Spouse

Hello! Happy Friday!

I am so multi-tasking today. Been on the run! I am now making dinner and posting on the blog. I hope that you are all going to have amazing plans for the weekend. I mean even if it means just sitting around and hanging out on the couch.. it will and can be amazing! Today concludes the first 5 days of wearing makeup every day. It was easier today to get the makeup on my face and in fact, I was kind of like.. ” I got to get my makeup on today”. It was nice to go around town today with a made up face. I colored my hair last night too. I love light highlights during the spring and summer. During the Fall and Winter I LOVE Dark hair. I have naturally Dark Brown hair. I used  foam on my hair. It was difficult for me to color my hair properly. I actually missed a spot and I have to redo it  in a few spots. I gotta get running, my daughter has ballet class on Fridays….. Why I picked the night to relax to do dance class, the world may never know. I hope you have an amazing memorable day!

Without further a due…

ME Day 5!

I leave you this friday and I hope that you again have a fabulous day!

Until next time…


30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 4- Confessions of a Military Spouse

Hello! Thanks for checking back again! I am just so excited today! We have had an amazing blessing for our family happen over night and I can not believe how amazing God is. We have been praying so hard for a miracle and it has happened. I am going to keep my blog post short and sweet today as I am in a time crunch. I am heading to a bible study for Operation 31 Wife. WE are talking today about being thankful! How thankful are you today that God allowed you to breathe life? How thankful are you for your situations, either good or bad? I hope today you can take a moment and think… How thankful am I today?

Without further a due…

Today I am wearing just a light pink eye shadow, full face otherwise. I was not going too crazy today as I went to volunteer at my children’s school. I also dressed up a little bit! I am wearing a black dress with pink under shirt and black tights.

Remember try to be thankful for something today.. even if it is just the fact that you have the sun shining outside. God is faithful and he will take care of you!


Until next time….

30 Day Makeup Challenge- Confessions of a Military Spouse

Well it is now day number 3. I am feeling a little run down today. I feel sick and I bet it is due to the weather changing so fast. One day it is hot and the next day it is so cold. I am excited though because today I put some jeans on and it is one size smaller than the size  I have been wearing. It just gave me the boost that I needed today to get going! I am so excited! I put my makeup on, it was easier than it has been.My husband has been encouraging me with my make up challenge. He thinks it may be an expensive experiment but he is very supportive none the less. I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband.

Today I did my hair ( well slicked it down with hair spray) and got dressed. Today was the first day that I felt like I should be getting more dressed than normal. I am not leaving the house at all but it is nice to feel like I am dressed and ready for my work day ahead. A little hard to explain. So without further a due… Here is day 3!

I would love to hear about your progress if you are accepting the challenge and going with 30 days of Makeup! How is changing your day? How are you feeling when you put makeup on?

Until next time…..

Wednesday Work At Home- Confessions of a Military Spouse

Who would not love that dream job of working at home? I know that I love the fact that I can work from home. I have always wanted to be my own boss since I was in high school I always took business classes in high school to get going too. I hope that I can help to inspire you to find the work at home job or business you would love to have!

Today we are going to discuss the Work At Home Opportunity! We have all seen the Direct Sales businesses out there. There are thousands of these businesses that will help you to become independent! If you love make-up there is Mary Kay, BeautiControl, Avon, et. If you love kitchen supplies there is Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Etc. If you love Candles there is Party Lite, Gold Canyon Candles, Scentsy, Etc. I have researched these companies for many many years. When my son was born in 2005, I wanted to work from home more than anything. I wanted to make a full-time income working part-time. I loved this idea. Unfortunately it was not true. You do have to put in 40 hours to receive the payment that you will receive.  I really do not like knowing that someone is making 75% of the work that I am putting 100% in. Now do not get me wrong. I love Direct sales companies. In fact I rep for two of them! I love Scentsy and the scents you can fill your home with. I love the company because they are very family oriented and want the best for everyone!

I love Tupperware too! I love the organization that you will have in your home, not just kitchen! I have been with Tupperware for about 5 years now. I love the company and how they are there to make sure that you can reach your potential. I love the pay scale and that you can run your business how you want to!

Most direct sale companies have a compensation plan of about 20-25% of your sales. You pay upfront for a business kit which usually includes everything you need to get started. There are usually fast start programs to help you become the most successful with your new company. These companies truly do have the best intention in making sure you make the most money with the quality products. You can usually have a website where you are able to have your business open for 24 hours. You usually are able to have training from your directors, upline, etc. They can help you get going. One of the best things about direct sales business is it is pretty much cookie cutter. If you follow the  tips that the successful give you, you yourself will be successful! It is pretty easy!

Now with any at home job, you have to do work in order to make a sale. You can not just sit back and say ” yay I sell xxxxxxx, I will be making money in no time.” You actually are the marketing, accountant, sales man( woman), manager, Delivery person, and coach. You have to make sure your host know how to host their xxxxxx company party!

If you are interested in either of these two businesses, I would love to help you with your new journey! You can email me or you can visit my Tupperware site or my Scentsy  site and learn more about these amazing opportunities!

If you have any questions regarding business, please let me know! I would love to work with you and help you start your new business venture!


Until next time…..

Confessions of a Military Spouse- Makeup 30 Day Challenge- Day 2

Hello everyone!

Ok, so I did pretty good yesterday. The makeup was not too bad. It did make me crazy when I tried to scratch my face or when I wanted to sneak in a nap. It was a little uncomfortable to be wearing makeup with nowhere to go. I felt also like because I had makeup that I should not have been wearing my work out clothes yesterday… all day. I also felt like I should have done my hair to make it look nicer. I just didn’t have the motivation to complete it. Today putting on makeup, I decided to go with a more neutral palette today. I am wearing all brown today, so my makeup is also brown. I did not do my hair too much except to put it up. I was debating if I should put my hair up… just not in the mood to get it done today.

Well without further a due… Here is my picture number 2:

Forgive my crazy hair here. We woke up to crazy rain and the humidity out here in South Carolina is killing me today. Also, just was not in the mood to put my hair slick today. I am so tired. My husband and I have been doing the Insanity workout. It is killing me! It is great and has started working on me. But I have to work out when he is ready to work out and it is usually at 10 pm. If it was up to me, I would work out at 9 am and be done for the day. No way.. I mean come one we totally need to work out and go to bed at 11 pm dead tired and wake up at 6:30 dead tired! Totally doesn’t make sense but oh well. Sorry to be just rambling here today. Gonna go and get some things done around the house.. I hope you have an amazing day.

Are you following the Challenge? Are you participating? How it is going for you? Let me know in the comments section! I would love to hear from ya!

Until next time….


Confessions of a Military Spouse -30 Day Make Up challenge

Hello world! I am very excited! I was in the shower last night and started to think about a new challenge for this blog. I am going to be doing a 30 Make Up Challenge. I want to know how wearing make up every day will make me feel everyday? Will I feel more confident when I am facing a challenge? Will I feel more ready to start my day? Will I want to get more things done around the house because I am made up? Here are the rules for this challenge:

1. Post a picture everyday as proof that I have make up on!

2. Wear make up all day ( except in the pool)

3.The Challenge is September 17-October 17th  5 days a week!

4.Post about how things are every day

5.Keep blogging away and make the commitment to myself to do this everyday!

So here is my first picture. I have not gotten all dressed up with the make up. I did put on a full face of make up . I have decided to be playful today with blue eye shadow. Who cares if I look funny… I am having fun with color today! I had my workout this morning riding my bike with my baby c.

So without further a due…..

I do have make up on, I took this picture with my computer. I took a few extra pictures too. I mean come on,  playing with the webcam is sooooo much fun!

Whew… Stars are everywhere!

Love is in the air…

Never had red hair before.. Love it!

Wow!!! Crazy hair.. definitely not me!

Actually love this! It is …. so me!

Just keep swimming Just keep swimming!

Run Mama Run!!!!

So as you can see, the webcam entertained me! I hope that at the end of this challenge, I can look back and see that things changed. I wonder if after 30 days of wearing make up will I be ready to face any adventure or will I be the same old me? I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Until next time….

Happy Birthday to my Dizzle Man!

Hello yall! Today has been filled with an amazing day full of celebration. Today was my middle son’s birthday. He turned a big 7 years old today! He is my baby! Forever and always! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the day of him. He got to open his gifts this morning. He was so excited because he is a big Star Wars fan. He has wanted this mask for so long! I finally found it for him and he was  so happy!

He really wanted a C3PO cake for his birthday. I will admit it… I have never in my life ever watched Star Wars. It has never interested me at all in the slightest! I just never wanted to see it. My son on the other hand has been a fan for a very long time. Our good friends are big fans and introduced him to this new life.  Here is my version of a C3PO cake.


My son was pleasantly surprised about this cake. I thought it looked a little weird but glad he was happy! It tasted good, Butter Pecan Cake and homemade Buttercream icing. YUMMY!!!

I will send in the Thrifty Thursday tomorrow and the Faithful Friday tomorrow! Sorry guys, I am still in college and I got some homework to do tonight! GOOD NIGHT!!


Until next time….



Trying to get things organized around here

I am trying to currently get the blog set up and organized. It bugs me so much for this to be out of order! I am looking for new things that you may want to learn more about me or things you may want me to write more on.

I am going to start a weekly Work at home post. It will be Wednesday Work At Home. I am going to give you tips and outline different work at home businesses and how to get started! I truly believe that every Military Spouse should work at home. It is so much easier for you to be able to pick up and move during PCS time.

With the Fall coming in, I am getting excited about the upcoming holidays. I am going to possibly make a post each week where we can learn how to make crafts to either sell or you can give at home made presents. I love making things and I hope you will love them too. I get most inspiration from Pintrest! LOVE THAT SITE!!!

I am also thinking of making a Recipe Day. This will be a day where we have a recipe that is made and step by step direction on how to make it.

I hope that you will enjoy these new posts each week. I hope that the accountability will help me to be a better blogger and give you more entertaining post to read. I am still learning this whole WordPress operation and how to use it. If I mess something up, please forgive me!

Until next time…

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