What are your Easter Traditions?

Easter is very important in our household. We are a Christian Family and Easter to us is so much more than the Easter Bunny. We love for our kids to have the memories that they will have for an entire lifetime. We make sure that our children understand that we celebrate Easter because Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. We do allow our children to believe in the Easter Bunny, my husband and I both were raised with the Easter Bunny as well.

We usually wake the kids up and have their baskets and candy on the table. This year we are totally not having any fake Easter grass. Truth be told, I hate that stuff. For one, it totally does not look anything like grass and it is just plain messy! This year we opted for pre made baskets and we are adding extra goodies to their baskets. I love having little treats for the kids. It is always a treat for me to see the kids be super excited for Easter Morning.

We usually go to church Easter Morning. It is so refreshing to hear an Easter Service. In the past, we served on Easter Sunday with our church and helped with a massive Easter Egg hunt. It was always so much fun! We will also have a great Easter Dinner.
What wilk you be serving this year for Easter? We usually have ham, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, rolls, maybe some stuffing too. I love cooking a big dinner. It always means you will have a great meal for leftovers!

I just want to take this time to say I hope you have a fablous Easter and make memories doing whatever it is you do!