Garden Planting

I absolutely love garden time! I got my garden love from my grandparents. They always had fresh vegetables growing up and it made such an impression. Every Febuary, I get the itch. I have to start getting the dirt ready, planr and seeds and my containers. I do container gardening. With moving often, it is just smarter to grow my vegetables in containers.

This year we are growing alot of wonderful things! We are growing Tomatos, Squash, Cucumbers, Carrots, Onions, Brocolli, and lots of awesome herbs.
I am very excited because my garden is growing already and I got a few blooms already on my tomato plant! I love to see hard work grow! It is absolutely amazing. We are growing lettuce as well. Just the other night, we had home made Mexican Pizza, we like to put sour cream and sometimes lettuce on it. My daughter and youngest son are not fond of lettuce. They were the most eager to try it. It is amazing when your children are very excited to see something grow and to see gptheir hard work bloom. We ate our amazing lettuce, and it seriously was amazing!

Do you like to garden? Is your thumb green or black?

Pictures to come… 🙂