30 Day Makeup Challenge – Day 18

Hello everyone!

I am posting early in the day! Going to try to get a few post scheduled for the week but not my face post of course. I was thinking this morning when I was putting my makeup on this morning about the reason I did this challenge. I did it because I wanted to see how I would feel at the end of my 30 days. I can honestly say that I has been a crazy ride.  In the last few weeks, I have really liked having makeup on. No matter if I went somewhere or not, it was nice to know that I had it on and I felt more ready for the day. I could go to the commissary and I felt more put together. I have notice that it has helped me feel more confident. I felt like I was being a better mom.

I know this sounds crazy like ” wow this lady had problems if makeup is making her feel like a better mom” but really I just felt ready to go and felt good. When mama feels good, everyone else feels good too! I was also thinking about if I would continue my journey with this makeup. I do believe that I will wear makeup more often now. I just like how I feel. Growing up in high school, I had makeup on every day. I would occasionally not wear it when I was sick or just not feeling it. When I told my husband about this, his first words were ” This sounds expensive”, and I have to admit it may be a little expensive. I am thinking I will start trying to use drug store makeup. I have been using slightly more expensive makeup because I like it more. But if I am going to wear makeup every day, I could try more affordable choices.

What kind of makeup do you wear? How does it make you feel when you are wearing it?

Well Without Further A Due…. ( Why did I just capitalize all the letters? )



Until next time fabulous readers!





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