Makeup Challenge Day 14

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry, I am such a bad blogger! This week has been super busy for me! I promise to get your post up today for your Work at home Wednesday! We woke up today to no power! Just think, your alarm clock ( I have that runs on batteries only) and everything is off. Well I mean of course everything is usually off in the house such as lights ha ha, but I mean the ceiling fan was out as well. It was crazy. I called the electric company, apparently over 800 residents had no power! It wasnt just me! That made me feel good!  So in the dark I make my children’s sandwiches for lunch, ( I try to have everything else already made and ready to go.) and get everything packed. While I was looking for extra candles, my daughter  started to get so excited. Everything was coming back on!

It is amazing how all of a  sudden how when your lights are off, it can throw your day off. Well, here is my picture for the day.

Without further a due:


Until next time…








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