Makeup Challenge Day 13

Hello Everyone!

Today is day 13! I can’t believe next week will be my last week of my challenge. I was thinking about this yesterday. Will I still want to put makeup on and continue or will I do it almost every day but still take time off? I am not sure yet. Kinda excited about it though! I am really excited, In a few weeks I am going to be going home to Houston! I can’t believe that we get to go home. We have been away for a long time! I can’t wait to see my family.

Today is Work at Home Wednesday and I promise I will get your post up today! I am thinking of doing this every other Wednesday. It will make it easier on me and I want to make sure I keep up my blogging. I am looking to try to get my blog more popular.. Just haven’t found the magic button yet..

Today’s makeup is dark and natural. Well that doesn’t really make sense does it? I am wearing eyeliner and mascara instead of full eye makeup. I am wearing a black dress and it kind of goes with the look.

Without further a due, here is my picture for today:


Until next time:








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