What are you favorite Fall/Winter Recipes?

I absolutely adore the fall! I love that we can eat more hearty meals that stick to your ribs. Moving from Cali to SC, we still have the heat coast to coast during the summer. The winter is alot cooler in Cali than in SC. I do not wish that I lived somewhere that it snowed alot. I love to visit places that get that cold!

My husband is very picky when it comes to eating food. He is like my baby. He will not eat anything green. Well I can not say anything because he has recently started eating Avacados ( Only if it is guacamole). He does not eat hardly any veggies except: Corn, Potatoes, and Mac n Cheese ( because in the south, Mac n Cheese is a veggie). We usually eat alot of chili, potato soup, pot roast, beans and rice, alot of cornbread.

What are some of your favorite meals? Care to share the recipe? I would love to feature you on here!

Until next time


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