Make up Challenge Day 6 Week 2

Hello everyone! Man o man what a weekend we had! We spent time with some good friends. You know you have those friends that you sit and talk and just have a good time and before you know it, it is 6 o’clock in the morning? Well we had that kind of morning yesterday! I truly believe that God brought us here to be friends with our previous neighbors from the base. Earlier this year we moved off the base into civilian housing. We are loving this housing a whole lot better since we can really be on our own!

I have to tell you, I feel horrible today! I realized that it is the allergies in the air making me feel bad! I just did not want to put make up on today but I did anyway because of my word, but it was not easy! I thought if I put make up on this morning that I would feel better! NOT! I still feel bad and can’t rub my eyes. This weekend was great to not have to worry about money! I loved that I could just be ‘free’.

Without further a due.. Here is meNow I gotta go fold the clothes behind me. See I threw them down and put my makeup on fast and took the picture to have the post up. I may need a nap today! ( btw, do you love the fake smile today? I sooo tried to look not sick ha ha)


Until next time…


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