30 Day Makeup Challenge – Confessions of a Military Spouse

Hello! Happy Friday!

I am so multi-tasking today. Been on the run! I am now making dinner and posting on the blog. I hope that you are all going to have amazing plans for the weekend. I mean even if it means just sitting around and hanging out on the couch.. it will and can be amazing! Today concludes the first 5 days of wearing makeup every day. It was easier today to get the makeup on my face and in fact, I was kind of like.. ” I got to get my makeup on today”. It was nice to go around town today with a made up face. I colored my hair last night too. I love light highlights during the spring and summer. During the Fall and Winter I LOVE Dark hair. I have naturally Dark Brown hair. I used  foam on my hair. It was difficult for me to color my hair properly. I actually missed a spot and I have to redo it  in a few spots. I gotta get running, my daughter has ballet class on Fridays….. Why I picked the night to relax to do dance class, the world may never know. I hope you have an amazing memorable day!

Without further a due…

ME Day 5!

I leave you this friday and I hope that you again have a fabulous day!

Until next time…



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