30 Day Makeup Challenge- Confessions of a Military Spouse

Well it is now day number 3. I am feeling a little run down today. I feel sick and I bet it is due to the weather changing so fast. One day it is hot and the next day it is so cold. I am excited though because today I put some jeans on and it is one size smaller than the size  I have been wearing. It just gave me the boost that I needed today to get going! I am so excited! I put my makeup on, it was easier than it has been.My husband has been encouraging me with my make up challenge. He thinks it may be an expensive experiment but he is very supportive none the less. I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband.

Today I did my hair ( well slicked it down with hair spray) and got dressed. Today was the first day that I felt like I should be getting more dressed than normal. I am not leaving the house at all but it is nice to feel like I am dressed and ready for my work day ahead. A little hard to explain. So without further a due… Here is day 3!

I would love to hear about your progress if you are accepting the challenge and going with 30 days of Makeup! How is changing your day? How are you feeling when you put makeup on?

Until next time…..


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