Confessions of a Military Spouse -30 Day Make Up challenge

Hello world! I am very excited! I was in the shower last night and started to think about a new challenge for this blog. I am going to be doing a 30 Make Up Challenge. I want to know how wearing make up every day will make me feel everyday? Will I feel more confident when I am facing a challenge? Will I feel more ready to start my day? Will I want to get more things done around the house because I am made up? Here are the rules for this challenge:

1. Post a picture everyday as proof that I have make up on!

2. Wear make up all day ( except in the pool)

3.The Challenge is September 17-October 17th  5 days a week!

4.Post about how things are every day

5.Keep blogging away and make the commitment to myself to do this everyday!

So here is my first picture. I have not gotten all dressed up with the make up. I did put on a full face of make up . I have decided to be playful today with blue eye shadow. Who cares if I look funny… I am having fun with color today! I had my workout this morning riding my bike with my baby c.

So without further a due…..

I do have make up on, I took this picture with my computer. I took a few extra pictures too. I mean come on,  playing with the webcam is sooooo much fun!

Whew… Stars are everywhere!

Love is in the air…

Never had red hair before.. Love it!

Wow!!! Crazy hair.. definitely not me!

Actually love this! It is …. so me!

Just keep swimming Just keep swimming!

Run Mama Run!!!!

So as you can see, the webcam entertained me! I hope that at the end of this challenge, I can look back and see that things changed. I wonder if after 30 days of wearing make up will I be ready to face any adventure or will I be the same old me? I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Until next time….


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