Happy Birthday to my Dizzle Man!

Hello yall! Today has been filled with an amazing day full of celebration. Today was my middle son’s birthday. He turned a big 7 years old today! He is my baby! Forever and always! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the day of him. He got to open his gifts this morning. He was so excited because he is a big Star Wars fan. He has wanted this mask for so long! I finally found it for him and he was  so happy!

He really wanted a C3PO cake for his birthday. I will admit it… I have never in my life ever watched Star Wars. It has never interested me at all in the slightest! I just never wanted to see it. My son on the other hand has been a fan for a very long time. Our good friends are big fans and introduced him to this new life.  Here is my version of a C3PO cake.


My son was pleasantly surprised about this cake. I thought it looked a little weird but glad he was happy! It tasted good, Butter Pecan Cake and homemade Buttercream icing. YUMMY!!!

I will send in the Thrifty Thursday tomorrow and the Faithful Friday tomorrow! Sorry guys, I am still in college and I got some homework to do tonight! GOOD NIGHT!!


Until next time….




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