Work At Home Wednesday- Character Children Letters

For our first post on the Work At Home Wednesday, We are going to talk about Personalized Character Letters. I have had a business like this for many years. It is so delightful to write letters to Children from a fictional character such as Santa, The Easter Bunny or even the Tooth Fairy! It has helped me for many years to earn a few extra dollars when I needed it. I will give you a few tips when it comes to starting your new business.



First you will want to decide on a name. When picking a business name, you want to make sure that it is easy to remember, easy to spell and geared towards the children business you have set up. Next you will want to think about the kinds of letters you want to write. I have letters for Christmas, Easter and for special occasions such as Tooth Fairy, School Starts, Valentines Day, etc. Next you will want to think about how you are doing to do your letters. Will they be pre-written or will you use your imignation to get them going? I love to write personalized letters by imagniation. I will make a super awesome land in which Santa lives. It is so much fun to dream up this magical life and try to make the babies dream about it too.

You will want to think about how you will print the letters, or will you write them by hand? I have always used a really good handwriting font and printed my letters. I always sign the letters by hand. I usually try and put a little glitter on the letters as well. I also print my envelopes as well. I always put the post mark on the envelope because I am not acutally mailing the letter like that. I put my envelopes inside a bigger envelope for the parent to put into the mail box. It helps the letters look great!
Next you will want to think about what you will put into your letters. Will your letters contain little stickers? Will they contain recipes for Santa’s Favorite Cookies?  I like to include extras to the children. I think that it helps them to be more excited. You are creating a memory for a child that will last an entire lifetime!

You are going to want to start thinking about how you want to run your business now! How will you take the orders? I have a website and I use Social Networking to get it going during certain times. I make deadlines to which I will mail letters to help me not be to overwhelmed!

If you are looking for quality letters this year and do not want to start your own business, I would love to help you! Please visit me at and we will get your special letter to that spceial little one or big one!

This post is just making me super excited for Christmas already!! I can’t wait for super cold weather! If you have any questions, please ask, I will help you in anyway! I love business and want everyone to succeed!!!

Until next time…



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