Trying to get things organized around here

I am trying to currently get the blog set up and organized. It bugs me so much for this to be out of order! I am looking for new things that you may want to learn more about me or things you may want me to write more on.

I am going to start a weekly Work at home post. It will be Wednesday Work At Home. I am going to give you tips and outline different work at home businesses and how to get started! I truly believe that every Military Spouse should work at home. It is so much easier for you to be able to pick up and move during PCS time.

With the Fall coming in, I am getting excited about the upcoming holidays. I am going to possibly make a post each week where we can learn how to make crafts to either sell or you can give at home made presents. I love making things and I hope you will love them too. I get most inspiration from Pintrest! LOVE THAT SITE!!!

I am also thinking of making a Recipe Day. This will be a day where we have a recipe that is made and step by step direction on how to make it.

I hope that you will enjoy these new posts each week. I hope that the accountability will help me to be a better blogger and give you more entertaining post to read. I am still learning this whole WordPress operation and how to use it. If I mess something up, please forgive me!

Until next time…


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