Back to school…. Back to blogging…

I am back! I guess I did not really tell anyone that I was taking a break. I needed to spend the summer with my babies. I wanted to soak in all the fighting, loving and crazy times that they often offer me on a daily basis.

Today my babies went to school! They rode the bus for the first time. That completely wrecked my brain! I was so scared because I did not know if they would make it or not. I was counting down the minutes and seconds until they came home.

A & B went to school today! C is still staying home with mama one more year. He will go to Kindergarten next year.  A started 4th grade today. She is so tiny and just doesn’t look like she is almost 10. B started 2nd grade today! He is bigger than A and looks like he could be 10, but he is only 7. 

Daddy took today and Tuesday off to make sure everything went well with the babies getting on the bus and getting off the bus. He knows me way to well and he knows that I would have totally taken them to school just to make sure they were OK.. maybe take them to school and pick them up every day of the school year.. I mean just to make sure they were OK.. OK, I confess I am that super crazy mama!

I was pretty excited because I did alot of prepping and made sure that the babies had alot of great things for their lunches.

This is the kids “lunch shelf”. They know they have things that they may want all in one place. I made the following:
Mummy Dogs
Hard Boiled ( In the oven) eggs
Ranch Dip
Make your own Lunchables stuff ( meat, cheese)
Crackers were in the the pantry.


Pudding and Jello

 Mummy Dogs
I am a Tupperware Consultant! I LOVE Tupperware! I have for a long time. It could be a secret obsession of mine to have my home filled with amazing Tupperware.. and I have started to make this a reality. Tupperware is everywhere in my home. If you are interested in purchasing any of these amazing products, I have listed a place to purchase them on my Facebook page for my Tupperware Business. You can find this here: Independent Tupperware Consultant Sonia Smith
Well today has been a pretty crazy and productive day. I guess I will wake up tomorrow and do it all over again… Now I am thinking that a really hot bubble bath may be in order so that I can sleep good tonight.. Until tomorrow…


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