Jack- In- The-Box Taco Copy Cat Recipe!

As you may know, you do not always have your favorite restraunts close to you when you move due to the military. My husband asked me last night if I knew how to make a crispy taco… I just looked at him like he was crazy. He then proceeded to describe the Jack in the box taco. I told him no but why did he have to talk about it because I totally wanted one now! I am so excited to say I went searching and found a recipe and I made it but tweaked it a little bit! Here is the recipe below!

Jack In the Box Tacos.. Smith Style!

Pot Roast ( Left Over) Or hamburger meat browned & drained
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder

Corn Tortillas

Cheese slices and Lettuce

I used leftover beef potroast for my meat as the filler instead of hamburger meat. It was fantastic! I do not usually measure things out, I go by taste. I shredded the meat and added it to my frying pan with water and the spices. I just used a little sprinkle over it all, tasted it and added a little more chili powder and garlic. In our home, we can not have enough garlic! Once it had absorbed the liquid, I put it into my Tupperware Quick Chef and made it into finner meat ( don’t know how to really explain it, it wasnt whole pieces of meat, more like mush I guess. That just sounds so gross! It was awesome though!) I then took my corn tortillas and warmed them in hot oil. This helps so that the corn tortillas will not break when you fold them to fry. I allowed them to drain on papertowels. Then I took the tortillas and my small ice cream scoop, added one dollop of meat and folded the tortilla over. I did it with the remaining tortillas. I then took the same oil that I had used to warm the tortillas up with and laid the tacos on it’s side. You want them to completely crisp up. I took about 20-25 minutes to do all 14 tacos on maybe a medium setting. It was so worth it!!  Then when they are done, you will allow them to sit upright and drain. Once you can handle them without getting burned, you want to add a half a slice ( on the diagnal ) in the taco shell. When ready to eat, you want to add a little shredded lettuce. These were greasy.. not going to lie and tell you that you will loose weight with them, but they were amazing! They tasted just like the real taco from Jack in the Box. They definetly curbed the cravings! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!
*Frying the tacos on their side*
*Tacos Draining on the paper towels, You should keep adding paper towels in order for them to drain all the way.*

Recipe adapted from here.

We hope you like them as much as we did, they were super yummy and think they may make a frequent visit on the smith dinner time ideas!

As always…


At home mom routines.. What do you do?

I am a work at home mom. I do have alot of free time during the day. It can be lonesome sometimes. I just need to figure out better routines. What routines do you have?

Upon research of at home mom routines, I have come up with a great list of different things to do.

1. Clean… Well Duh!
I mean obviously if you are a stay at home mom, you will eventually clean something. I clean things all day long, I still do have my boogie home. He is 4 and likes to make a mess. I take time during the day to do laundry, clean the dishes, clean the counters, clean the bathrooms, and keep the living room tidy. It is hard when you work in the living room and just do not want to clean too much in there!

2. Cook something?
I love to bake bread for my family. There is just something special about having home baked bread when you want to eat! I love it! I also love to bake homemade brownies, cakes, special sauces, etc.

3. School… Learn something?
I am a full time online student. I am finishing up my degree online for a business degree. I am excited and can not wait finish this! I am looking to also start nursing school in the fall. This will be a new adventure for our family!

4.Organize something…
I am learning how to organize things in my home. I am starting to get the hang of getting rid of things that I no longer want or need. It is a hard process for me to let go of things. I am considered a pack rat but living in a military life, you can not afford to just bring your junk with you from house to house. I am learning if it doesnt have a place, it goes out the door.

5. Have more time with God….
I am loving this one new discovery! I am loving that I am able to spend my time in the morning before I start work, workouts or playing. I can read what I am led to and work on my relationship with my God. I love it!!

6. Workout!
I love to work out! I am going to start my P90X again. This workout is simply amazing and you seriously loose alot of weight with commitment. You have to commit to yourself to workout. It is easy to say.. ” I will work out tomorrow” or to say ” I am not feeling well, I will promise to work out later”… When is later? For me I was sick and needed to rest.. a few years later I am thinking of doing it again!

I hope that you can give me a few new tips for what you do when you are a stay at home mom. I would love to have these great ideas and try new things!

Until later…..

Back to school…. Back to blogging…

I am back! I guess I did not really tell anyone that I was taking a break. I needed to spend the summer with my babies. I wanted to soak in all the fighting, loving and crazy times that they often offer me on a daily basis.

Today my babies went to school! They rode the bus for the first time. That completely wrecked my brain! I was so scared because I did not know if they would make it or not. I was counting down the minutes and seconds until they came home.

A & B went to school today! C is still staying home with mama one more year. He will go to Kindergarten next year.  A started 4th grade today. She is so tiny and just doesn’t look like she is almost 10. B started 2nd grade today! He is bigger than A and looks like he could be 10, but he is only 7. 

Daddy took today and Tuesday off to make sure everything went well with the babies getting on the bus and getting off the bus. He knows me way to well and he knows that I would have totally taken them to school just to make sure they were OK.. maybe take them to school and pick them up every day of the school year.. I mean just to make sure they were OK.. OK, I confess I am that super crazy mama!

I was pretty excited because I did alot of prepping and made sure that the babies had alot of great things for their lunches.

This is the kids “lunch shelf”. They know they have things that they may want all in one place. I made the following:
Mummy Dogs
Hard Boiled ( In the oven) eggs
Ranch Dip
Make your own Lunchables stuff ( meat, cheese)
Crackers were in the the pantry.


Pudding and Jello

 Mummy Dogs
I am a Tupperware Consultant! I LOVE Tupperware! I have for a long time. It could be a secret obsession of mine to have my home filled with amazing Tupperware.. and I have started to make this a reality. Tupperware is everywhere in my home. If you are interested in purchasing any of these amazing products, I have listed a place to purchase them on my Facebook page for my Tupperware Business. You can find this here: Independent Tupperware Consultant Sonia Smith
Well today has been a pretty crazy and productive day. I guess I will wake up tomorrow and do it all over again… Now I am thinking that a really hot bubble bath may be in order so that I can sleep good tonight.. Until tomorrow…