What does Independence day mean to you? Here is my post from 2008…

In 2008 I was asked by a chat moderator that I worked for at the time to tell what Independence day meant to me. It meant alot as we are a military family. I have enclosed my post for you to see. It means the same to me today as it did when I was first learning how to write blog posts.

As Independence Day approaches I am asked what this day means to me. It  used to mean to me a day of wonderful BBQ, swimming in someone’s pool, and  of course it meant we got to pop fireworks. I am sure it means the same  to many  Americans this year too. In the last 7 years it has had a very  different meaning to me. I understand the sacrifices that so many before  me and my family have made for this Wonderful Country! I am a very Proud Marine Wife .I  want to let you know from my life what Independence means to me. My  husband went to boot camp in July 2001. He promised me that nothing would  happen and not to be scared. As we all know to well September 11th  happened. He was in the  middle of boot camp and I was terrified. Upon  completion of boot camp we got married and proceeded to start a family. In  November 2002 we had our first child, a daughter named Alexis. In January  2003 My husband left for a 6 month  tour at sea. We got to talk off and on  until February 12,2003. He told me that they were going to Kuwait. I  didn’t hear from my husband again until April 30,2003.  My husband was the  6th Man across the Iraq Border. He was 19 years old and had seen way to much  then he should have.  He came home in July 2003. I thought that day would  never come. My husband last saw our daughter when she was 7 weeks old and  now she was 8 months old. It would be a short lived joy, He was leaving  again in February. Time passed so quickly. He left in 2004 and was gone  for 8 months. This was a hard time. I decided to not move home for the 8  months. I lived in California and my family was in Texas. He came home to  a toddler who was almost 2. He decided to try Recruiting Duty. This wasn’t  any easier!  Fast forward to June 2008, We have 2 more children, 2 boys  named Brandon and Cody. We are coming onto another deployment.  This will
 be our first time without my husband home for Christmas. I don’t look for  pity, this is a life I choose to live. I live it proud and with strength I  never knew I had. These are sacrifices that my family makes. That is what  the Independence day means to me. To me Independence day is very important, I  never thought I would cry when I heard the National Anthem. It had a new  meaning to me when someone I loved was protecting our Country. Freedom is  often forgotten, along with the men and women who sacrificed for it. So  in turn I leave you with this simple question, What does Independence day  mean to you?

I hope you have found my post to be very informative to you! Thank you and have an amazing day. As always…..