Easy Summer Meals

With a family of 5, we have to have quick meals. We need meals that after long days outside, can be made quickly and with minimal oven/stove heating. Tonight we have an amazing first time dinner, it was Kabobs. My family loved them! They are so versatile. You can cook whatever you want.

We had Chicken, Steak, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, and pineapple. They were the perfect combination for our family. My kids ate everything because it was grilled with the meat and they loved the great taste!

Kabobs can be made with any combination of meats, fruits or even veggies. You can make all veggie kabobs or even an all meat one!

Things that are good are:




-Bell Pepper ( all the colors, it will make it pretty!)

-Mushrooms ( I marinated this in Italian Dressing, it was YUMMY!)



-Chicken ( I made this by marinating in a Honey Teriyaki Sauce)

-Steak ( I also marinated this in Honey Teriyaki Sauce.)

-Sausage ( Either regular or even Italian Sausage)

-Ham Cubes

– Marinated Cheeses ( After you have grilled the kabobs or you will end up with a sticky mess!)
– Olives

Kabobs are really hard to mess up! You can put anything you want. You can even make really sweet ones with cold fruit. You can even make a really great dip with even parts Cream Cheese and Marsh mellow fluff.

Until Next Time…


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