Pool Safety with kids

Since we are smack dab in the middle of pool season, I thought I would give you a few tips to help you with keeping your sweet babies safe while at the pool. Kids can get very excited about seeing the pool, floating and splashing around. I love to hear my kids laughing while getting it because it is cold at first, then they tell me ” come on mama, it is now warm”. It always makes me wary as to why it suddenly got warm!

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1. Do not allow small children or any children to swim without an adult. I know this may seem like a Duh to some parents. It just is very important and needs to be said first and foremost!

2. Remove all distracting toys or any flotation toys from the pool when not in use. We always take out the noodles out and try to get the little toys off the bottom before we get out. I never really thought of this as a rule or safety guide but it makes a lot of sense.

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3. Always remember the sunscreen for your babies and you! Take care of their young skin! We have an array of sun products for the kids. We apply 15 minutes before we go out doors in order for the sun screen to dry and get in before we get out in the sun and the water.

4. Keep a pool fenced off from wandering babies. Water of any kind attracts kids. It could be a nasty muddy water hole outside and the kids are going to run to it and start kicking the water around. Make sure you keep the pool fenced off, it will be an amazing investment for everyone!

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5. Keep the rough housing for the grass. It is easy to hurt someone in the water and then there is big problems. When playing in the pool, it is OK to dunk your kids, just make sure you have the babies permission. It will not be fun if the baby decides to throw up in your pool!

With these few pool safety recommendations, you should be able to keep trouble at bay. Make sure you check the pool every morning and evening to keep danger at bay.

Now, I got to go and get my babies into the pool, It is hot outside!

Have an amazing Summer Day!

Until Next Time…


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