Fathers Day Ideas for kids

Big Daddy has always been my kids favorite parent. I mean who doesn’t look up to their daddy. I love this saying that I am seeing going around right now, ” Daddy’s are a boys first superhero and a daughters first love” It is so true! I always looked up to my dad!  He was always the coolest to me! I think today that I can say I am like him in a lot of ways.

the next generation

Kids want to do a lot of great things for their dad on Fathers Day! Here is a great list of ideas that you can help your kids or if your kids are old enough, they can do it themselves!

1.Make a Homemade Card!

There is nothing greater then a child seeing their parent love something that they have made. It makes them proud to know they did something that their parent is proud of. This is in-expensive, it doesn’t have to be something crazy. Crayons, pencils, even pens will make a grand masterpiece.

2. Make their favorite meal! Big Daddy does not like breakfast at all! Very rarely does he even eat before 11:30. So we will help him make his favorite meals by supplying him with his favorite snacks. Yes, he makes his meals out of snacks. He is pickier than a kid!


3. Let them sleep in! Big Daddy has crazy hours as a Marine. He rarely gets to sleep in. We are going to let daddy sleep in. Your daddy may like it too!

These are a few things we are going to be doing for our Big Daddy this weekend! What are some of your great ideas? Please share!

Until Next time….


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