All settled in and ready to rock and roll!

We have recently moved out of base housing and out in town. We are renting an awesome house that will serve as a retreat for our family for the next two years. It is nice to think that I will be working pool side many times. Sorry I just had to rub it in! We did in fact get a pool. God has shown us alot of favor with moving into this house. We can not believe how many tings fell into place for us to get this house. I look forward to getting thins going once again for our blog. I have alot of great ideas and cant wait to get started.

Now I wanted to let you know how we found our amazing new home. We searched on for our new home. You will be able to find a home within so many miles of your new base. There are normally pictures and you can search rentals or for sale homes.

We would definetly recommend when searching for your new home away from home.

I have attached picture of my great family swimming, i am on the side line this week… I played around and got an ear infection 😐

Until next time…



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