Credit Karma… Check your credit for free???

I will admit, I was a little skeptical about a site where you can keep tabs on your credit report for free. I first saw  Credit Karms on a t.v. commercial. I just thought it was another site like the free credit site. I got my new magazine of All You and they have an article about saving money, which rocks, and it mentions Credit Karma. This led credibility for me because my favorite magazine was saying it was a good site to use.

I signed up for the Credit Karma site. It was very easy to sign up. I entered my personal information, and it asked some personal credit questions. Once I passed the questions, it promptly took me to  my credit score and credit history. I will admit, my history is not pretty at all. I am actively working to get it cleaned up and pretty, it just takes work.

I would recommend Credit Karma to all my friends. It is a great site to keep up with your credit. If you can do it for free, there is no reason to pay any “free” site for it. If there is a catch, I have not found it!

* this is not a paid post forCredit Karma, I just wanted to give my experience of this great program. No payments were given for my endorsement*


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