Very Crazy Week….

I am totally bribing you with a cute picture of my puppies! I apologize for being gone for so long! I am finally off of all of my medicines. I am so thankful for that too! They were making me sick and I really needed to get off of them.
I started my weight loss journey this week! I am so excited. I started the diet they gave me and I have to admit but this diet was not for me. It was too hard on my body and I was not able to follow it, Instead I am going to focus on eating right and still eating things I want every once in a while as well. I am going to keep up my exercise routines and have a great time getting fit!
We had an amazing event happen in our house this week! Our Middle Son Dizzle just lost his first tooth! It was a very exciting day in our home. I started to tear up, I admit I am that mom. Ha ha ha.
I so remember when that tooth came in and I can not believe that it just fell out. He was so brave with it too. He handed his daddy a paper towel and said “Ok dad, I am ready”. I was very shocked that he was doing this without even crying. I am a wuss when it comes to pain, I will admit it.
We got our taxes done this week! I am so excited about that and the money we will get back! I recommend using H&R Block! I will make another post about that as well.
Well, I just want to say I am so happy you are still here….. Well I mean if you are! 🙂 No really I am and I am thankful that I can do something so amazing and people are interested in my crazy not so typical life!

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