Starting a New Journey

I am so excited, I am starting a new journey for weight loss next week! I am going to start a Biggest Loser work out at my local gym. I have an eating plan and work out plan for 36 weeks! I can not wait to see how I change, My birthday is 35 weeks away and I can not wait to look super hot by my 31st birthday!  I am writing today for my Gratituesday, I am soo thankful for an amazingly faithful God. I hurt my hand last Thursday, I have been missing for a few days for that reason. I have been on some pretty strong pain meds the last few days to ease the pain. I am thank ful because I needed prayer, Got people praying for healing and Thank you Jesus, I am feeling alot better today.

Apparently I hit my wrist in the perfect spot to really mess up my nerve and have the soft tissue swollen. This is causing my nerves to play tricks on me, I will feel one moment like my arm is on fire. The next moment I will feel like I am so itchy. I will then feel like my arm has opened up and cut open. It is so weird how your nerves work. God is so amazing to have created such an amazing idea as nerves.

I have a few wonderful post ready to go this week! I am so excited, but I need to take a little break. As some may know, I work from home and I have to type for an extended period of time. It can hurt sometimes. Today, Tuesday January 10, 2012 I am extremely grateful for my hand to be feeling better!


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