Get organized and clean your home!

I love the Flylady! She has helped me with so much to get my house organized! This is an amazing process, It is very simple yet it can sometimes be daunting when it comes to getting our house organized. The process is simple, You take baby steps and achieve the clean home you deserve!

I have my Control Journal, This has the tools that I need to get my house cleaned everyday. There are small task to do. For example you should do one load of laundry each day to keep the laundry monster away.  Another big step you want to accomplish is to keep your sink shiny. If you keep your sink shiny, It will help you to keep your kitchen clean. There is a magic with this process, Once your sink is clean, the house seems to follow suit as well.

I just wanted to send in a quick post today, Please check out and get your house on track. I am jumping back on the band wagon or I guess I should say Home wagon and I am getting my house cleaned asap!

I hope you will join me on this cleaning journey too!


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