I am going to be building my Blog!!!

I am participating in Building my Blog in 2012!!  I am setting a goal for myself this year to build this blog as big as possible.  I want to get more followers and have alot of great fun with all of my fans! I hope that during this crazy journey I can build a big following. The first task I am given is to figure out what my blog is about, come up with the Elevator Pitch and My Statement!

So I have a few ideas about what I want my site to be about, I want to have alot of Recipes, Crafts and Inspiration for everyone! I really want to tell adventures of my crazy family!  I hope that I can get all my ideas organized and have it put correctly on paper. My mind works so fast sometimes. I do not get the right information down.

For the next month, I plan to get more of the following:

* Recipes for quick family meals
*More pictures on the blog to make it so not boring
*At least one post each day to get the habit of posting each day.

I want to explain a little of my Elevator Pitch:

Confessions of a Military spouse is a blog featuring the adventures of a spouse who also is a mom. This blog will give tips on cooking, crafts and decorating our wonderfully drab military housing. This blog is for Moms, Dads and everyone in between. I am a Wife of an amazing Marine who impresses me each and every day. I am the mom of three amazing children. I hope you will join me on my crazy ride!

My Tag line was created by just writing words down on a piece of paper and then they just jumped out at me.

An American Mom who lovers her wonderfully crazy no so typical American Life!

This describes me soooo much! I can not believe how true it is! I live a life most have no idea about. We pack up our lives and move to our next duty station every three years!  That is “Normal” for us!  I hear how people live in the same house for 50 years….. To be honest I wish I had that too!

So I hope you will follow me on my crazy not so typical Blog!


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  1. Forever Neighbor
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 18:12:18

    It is great to set blog goals each year. I started setting my goals for my blog this year as well. I should probably blog about it so I have accountability…huh? lol


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