Super Mom to the resuce…. again?

As a very busy mom of three children, You can imagine I am probably more busy during the holidays than any other time. This year was a totally different year. We did not go home for the holidays! We still had an amazing time, Do not get me wrong but for the first time, I did not wake up with my mom and dad at home for Christmas! It was a very bittersweet day for me. I missed my family like crazy but I loved getting into my bed to go to sleep! I am not even the kind of person you would consider a Daddy’s girl or anything like that, Well maybe…. Who am I kidding, I am! I always wanted to be tough like my dad and grandfather.

My husband and I are discussing our plans for the Spring Break time. What are we wanting to do, go and explore? I have never seen the beaches of Florida. I have heard they are amazing. I would love to see them in person. We have spoiled our children sooo much! I mean really we are giving our kids things we really did not get to experience. One thing is they get amazing travel opportunities from duty station to duty station. It is an amazing experience that I never got. By the time my daughter was a week old, She had been to 3 different states, I did not leave Texas until I was 19!

So we are thinking of hitting a few new places this year! Have you ever been to a great place on the East Coast? Do Tell!!!!! Leave me a few options below! I love my comments! 🙂

Signing off until tomorrow ( I gave up Face book for a full month, No Face booking here for me! LOL)



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