Get your taxes done at H&R Block!

H&R Block has been trusted by our family for the last 12 years to do our Taxes! We have always used them. They have always made me feel that they have my best intrest in mind. I have not had a bad experience with my dealings with H&R Block.

We recently did our taxes online at home with H&R Block. It was great to be able to be led through the process online without having to drag my babies out into the cold weather. It was nice not having to set up an appointment, wait for someone I do not know to look over my year.  The software just allows you answer simple questions that can help you find the most maximum refund that is due to to you. It helps you with school questions, Kid questions, tax questions.

I actually just sent an email yesterday to a certified tax professional, I got a response within 30 minutes. It was amazing! I truly encourage you to give this great company a try! All of my Military friends have tried this Taxes at Home software and fell in love! Who doesn’t love free Tax Help, Tax Software and of course Money back!!!


Very Crazy Week….

I am totally bribing you with a cute picture of my puppies! I apologize for being gone for so long! I am finally off of all of my medicines. I am so thankful for that too! They were making me sick and I really needed to get off of them.
I started my weight loss journey this week! I am so excited. I started the diet they gave me and I have to admit but this diet was not for me. It was too hard on my body and I was not able to follow it, Instead I am going to focus on eating right and still eating things I want every once in a while as well. I am going to keep up my exercise routines and have a great time getting fit!
We had an amazing event happen in our house this week! Our Middle Son Dizzle just lost his first tooth! It was a very exciting day in our home. I started to tear up, I admit I am that mom. Ha ha ha.
I so remember when that tooth came in and I can not believe that it just fell out. He was so brave with it too. He handed his daddy a paper towel and said “Ok dad, I am ready”. I was very shocked that he was doing this without even crying. I am a wuss when it comes to pain, I will admit it.
We got our taxes done this week! I am so excited about that and the money we will get back! I recommend using H&R Block! I will make another post about that as well.
Well, I just want to say I am so happy you are still here….. Well I mean if you are! 🙂 No really I am and I am thankful that I can do something so amazing and people are interested in my crazy not so typical life!

Starting a New Journey

I am so excited, I am starting a new journey for weight loss next week! I am going to start a Biggest Loser work out at my local gym. I have an eating plan and work out plan for 36 weeks! I can not wait to see how I change, My birthday is 35 weeks away and I can not wait to look super hot by my 31st birthday!  I am writing today for my Gratituesday, I am soo thankful for an amazingly faithful God. I hurt my hand last Thursday, I have been missing for a few days for that reason. I have been on some pretty strong pain meds the last few days to ease the pain. I am thank ful because I needed prayer, Got people praying for healing and Thank you Jesus, I am feeling alot better today.

Apparently I hit my wrist in the perfect spot to really mess up my nerve and have the soft tissue swollen. This is causing my nerves to play tricks on me, I will feel one moment like my arm is on fire. The next moment I will feel like I am so itchy. I will then feel like my arm has opened up and cut open. It is so weird how your nerves work. God is so amazing to have created such an amazing idea as nerves.

I have a few wonderful post ready to go this week! I am so excited, but I need to take a little break. As some may know, I work from home and I have to type for an extended period of time. It can hurt sometimes. Today, Tuesday January 10, 2012 I am extremely grateful for my hand to be feeling better!

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Earn items for searching on your computer? I love SwagBucks!

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Have you heard of SwagBucks? It is the new search option that is going to allow you to earn points that you can redeem for different products, gift cards or even great iPads and so much more! You use the Swagbucks search bar instead of using another search site. It is very easy and I always get the items that I want when I start my search. I have put the Swagbucks on each of my computers in my home.

I have used the points that I have gotten to purchase several gift cards for Amazon. I have gotten a lot of great e-books for my Kindle to read. I love this program. You can also bid on different Swagstakes that are available. Go over and check today, Sign up for your own account as well!

You can sign up for your own SwagBucks account by clicking here!

Get organized and clean your home!

I love the Flylady! She has helped me with so much to get my house organized! This is an amazing process, It is very simple yet it can sometimes be daunting when it comes to getting our house organized. The process is simple, You take baby steps and achieve the clean home you deserve!

I have my Control Journal, This has the tools that I need to get my house cleaned everyday. There are small task to do. For example you should do one load of laundry each day to keep the laundry monster away.  Another big step you want to accomplish is to keep your sink shiny. If you keep your sink shiny, It will help you to keep your kitchen clean. There is a magic with this process, Once your sink is clean, the house seems to follow suit as well.

I just wanted to send in a quick post today, Please check out and get your house on track. I am jumping back on the band wagon or I guess I should say Home wagon and I am getting my house cleaned asap!

I hope you will join me on this cleaning journey too!

Joining for Gratituesday!

Joining for Gratituesday!

2011 was a year of wonderful surprises! My husband came home in November of 2010. I was very excited! He was going to go on a 3 year break from deployments! We were stationed in California. I was very excited thinking of all the amazing things we were going to get to do with our fabulous friends in California. In the Military, We all find and make our own little families when we are miles away from our real families.

We were making improvements on our house in California, Dreaming of the fun summers we were going to have camping,going to Disneyland, traveling around California. Do you see we were happy to be in California? Then all of a sudden, The time came to find our new duty station!

My husband calls me….. All of our options for a new duty station are all on the East Coast! None are in California except cold weather training. If you know my husband, Which many do not, he is not about any kind of cold weather! We picked the best choice for us, We choose South Carolina! It was a world wind of Google this and Google that! I had never been past Alabama. I was super excited, My kids not so much! So our new duty station was picked in February, When we were leaving? We had no clue! My husband’s orders were the first set of orders frozen by the budget show down in 2011! It was scary! Then it sucked ( Really no other words for it) because we were being asked, When are you leaving? Why haven’t you gotten orders yet? Every day! I woke up one day at the end of March, I told my husband. We are going to get our orders today! That afternoon, We got our orders around 2 pm. I was in shock!

We were given 3 weeks to move a Family of 5 across the country! We had to rush to get the kids out of school, Had to rush to get the housing stuff settled. It was a crazy rush and crazy dash. When you know a date, You automatically start thinking, What can I throw away and pick up there? Oh, This is not precious to us, This is precious to us. It was a lot of cleaning and getting ready to move. I miss our old house in California! Alot of amazing memories were made there. A lot of friends met and lost, A lot of amazing friends who are my family now, and too many good byes that we would have never had if we had not been a Marine Family.

I am grateful today that in 2012, that my husband woke up today going to his first day of work for 2012. He has a stable job. I am excited for this! I can not believe all the amazing blessings I got in 2011. I look forward to 2012 and I can not believe all the possibilities we have available for us!

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

I am going to be building my Blog!!!

I am participating in Building my Blog in 2012!!  I am setting a goal for myself this year to build this blog as big as possible.  I want to get more followers and have alot of great fun with all of my fans! I hope that during this crazy journey I can build a big following. The first task I am given is to figure out what my blog is about, come up with the Elevator Pitch and My Statement!

So I have a few ideas about what I want my site to be about, I want to have alot of Recipes, Crafts and Inspiration for everyone! I really want to tell adventures of my crazy family!  I hope that I can get all my ideas organized and have it put correctly on paper. My mind works so fast sometimes. I do not get the right information down.

For the next month, I plan to get more of the following:

* Recipes for quick family meals
*More pictures on the blog to make it so not boring
*At least one post each day to get the habit of posting each day.

I want to explain a little of my Elevator Pitch:

Confessions of a Military spouse is a blog featuring the adventures of a spouse who also is a mom. This blog will give tips on cooking, crafts and decorating our wonderfully drab military housing. This blog is for Moms, Dads and everyone in between. I am a Wife of an amazing Marine who impresses me each and every day. I am the mom of three amazing children. I hope you will join me on my crazy ride!

My Tag line was created by just writing words down on a piece of paper and then they just jumped out at me.

An American Mom who lovers her wonderfully crazy no so typical American Life!

This describes me soooo much! I can not believe how true it is! I live a life most have no idea about. We pack up our lives and move to our next duty station every three years!  That is “Normal” for us!  I hear how people live in the same house for 50 years….. To be honest I wish I had that too!

So I hope you will follow me on my crazy not so typical Blog!

Menu Planning for a Crazy Family January 2 through January 7th 2012

I am going to be making my Menu Planning a big priority for 2012, It helps me to be more organized and have things I need on hand. I will post my weekly Menu for each week for everyone. So Here is the first Menu Plan of 2012!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins ( absolutely Amazing!!!)
Peanut butter and jelly ( my kids live off of this, They eat it almost every day! )
Turkey Pot Pie- All homemade!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins ( This recipe makes a ton! )
Hot Dogs ( to be honest, it will probably be the PBJ again)
Chili with sour cream, onions, cheese and some crackers on the side.

Cereal ( because I am a winning mom)
Black Eyed Peas, Rice and cornbread

Chocolate Chip Muffins
PBJ for Coco
Baked Potatoes with Pulled Pork and BBQ sauce

Quesadilla Night, homemade tortillas and everything! Well I did not milk the cow and make the cheese! HA HA

Leftovers, Or maybe something different don’t know where the wind may blow yet!

I will sneak in Sunday too!:
Cinnamon Stussel Muffins
Popcorn chicken, Mac N cheese and veggies.

Our meals are not always the best but I promise they are all made with 100 % love of me! Have an amazing week cooking and I promise to come back with some great recipes!!! 🙂

Signing off with Face Book withdrawals, No just kidding lol but I have had headaches…. coincidence????


Super Mom to the resuce…. again?

As a very busy mom of three children, You can imagine I am probably more busy during the holidays than any other time. This year was a totally different year. We did not go home for the holidays! We still had an amazing time, Do not get me wrong but for the first time, I did not wake up with my mom and dad at home for Christmas! It was a very bittersweet day for me. I missed my family like crazy but I loved getting into my bed to go to sleep! I am not even the kind of person you would consider a Daddy’s girl or anything like that, Well maybe…. Who am I kidding, I am! I always wanted to be tough like my dad and grandfather.

My husband and I are discussing our plans for the Spring Break time. What are we wanting to do, go and explore? I have never seen the beaches of Florida. I have heard they are amazing. I would love to see them in person. We have spoiled our children sooo much! I mean really we are giving our kids things we really did not get to experience. One thing is they get amazing travel opportunities from duty station to duty station. It is an amazing experience that I never got. By the time my daughter was a week old, She had been to 3 different states, I did not leave Texas until I was 19!

So we are thinking of hitting a few new places this year! Have you ever been to a great place on the East Coast? Do Tell!!!!! Leave me a few options below! I love my comments! 🙂

Signing off until tomorrow ( I gave up Face book for a full month, No Face booking here for me! LOL)