Do you think it is too early?

Too early for Christmas that is! My husband having duty means me and the babies get to start getting our Christmas stuff ready for being put out this week! I love putting my Christmas stuff out early, this year we get to enjoy it the whole month of December! I am so thankful for that!

What is you family tradition for Christmas decorating? We always go the day after Christmas and buy our Christmas tree. Last year we had to wait for daddy to come home but you can bet your sweet tooth we did get a tree within 24 hours of daddy being home 🙂 What can I say, We are spoiled rotten by that amazing man!

I got my Christmas music going, my house is freezing even though it is only 53 degrees out side in Beautiful South Carolina. We are all pitching in getting things put away from the week of just throwing things here and there. I am thankful that my children are getting to an age where everyone can help me with chores now. I know that one day I will see how spoiled I have gotten with them helping me. I hope that I am able to make sure they know how much I appreciate all the amazing help and amazing friendship each has given to me.

I look forward to one day being old and gray, and having my babies around with all my family for holidays. I pray everyone will be able to make it home from where they are serving, going to school or living.

I pray you have an amazing day everyone, take a little time to celebrate the fact you woke up today, Just the fact you get to open your eyes each day for a second chance is a blessing in it’s self! 


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