I have a real life prince charming…..

I am thankful for this crazy life that God has given me. I am married to an American Hero. Every year on November 10th, Marines all over the world stop for a moment to celebrate the birth of the Marine Corps. You will hear Marines laughing, sharing drinks and saying Happy Birthday to each other. If you had not known what the event was for, you would think you were at the biggest birthday party for a bunch of people. Everyeone is dressed up, Marines in their Dress Blues or Aplphas, and their dates in their ball gowns with hair up, full make up , or for the male spouses, in their tux. The Marine Corps birthday is a great deal of tradition. If you are lucky enough to attend a ball, you see the tradition with the pagents, the different commidants messages and of course the Fallen Marines Table. That table always brings a tear to my eye. It makes me stop for a moment and remember there are Marines that you pass at the commissary, at walmart, anywhere that will leave on the wives dreaded white bus, and come home in a coffin draped in an American flag. Giving the ultimate sacrifice of their life for our freedom.  Today I hear the National Anthem and it kills me. I sweel with pride and tears start to flow. I know the sacrafices that our country endures everyday for our freedoms and I am so proud to sacrifice for our Country.

I am thankful beyond words that God has given me this life, I have learned how life is so fragile, and I know truly how to make the best of each day with my Marine, even through the grumpy times. I am still thankful during our fights that may occur that he is standing next me, even mad but still standing next to me….. I am thankful that he is at least still next to me. I think it is hard for civillian people to understand the true agnoy that rips through us each night as we lay down to bed.

It is ok though, I am thankful that one day I will have my Marine home every night. I will not glady pass the torch to a new Marine Wife to a new Marine, I want to make sure that the next wife who takes my place in the Marine Corps will be strong and be understanding. It is not her Marines fault he has to work or  I hope they understand that His heart is ripping out of his chest when he gives his wife one last hug before heading to the bus for his deployment time.

This post turned into so much more then what I was going to post…. I guess God sometimes has better words then our plans!

Till we meet again…. ❤


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