School has a way of making me get behind!

Like the title says, School has a way of making me behind. I was recently voted the pto president of dizzles school. I am loving every minute of it and it does make me behind sometimes. I am having to learn a whole new organization for myself. I definetly make sure that I have time for God every morning. It may not be a whole lot of time but I give my time selfless. He is worth the time and more.

With Thanksgiving coming up faster and faster, I am loving the fact that I am going to be home this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is nice that we will be a family for one time. It is far and few between that we are all together for these holidays. Last year, we didnt have daddy with us for Thanksgiving. It was not the way I wanted to celebrate but I had to be Thankful last year that daddy was almost home. I am extremely thankful that this year we got our daddy home this year.

This year I am going to start doing Christmas Crafts and  I will be posting them online! I can’t wait. Do you have favorite crafts? Do you have favorite recipes? Share them with me! I would love them!


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