Fablous Friday

Happy Fablous Friday Everyone!!! In our house, Friday is a fun day. We know that we can kick back after school, watch tv before bed and stay up a little later then we normally do! It is always a fun day for us. Saturday morning is a great day as well knowing that I can sleep until 7:30 without the dog in my face to say “mama time to wake up”

Speaking of dogs, We recently brought a new dog into our family, Maggie. She is absolutely adorable. She is a german shephard/golden retriever mix. She has the cutest ears and a mean bark. She was abused by someone at some time and as a result, she is afraid of EVERYTHING!!!! We have started to build up her confidence again. She is coming along just fine, the on ly thing complaint is that she is starting to have seperation anxiety. She has chewed the following items in the last few days: A Purple marker, my house slippers, Daddys house slippers and a few straggler toys from the kids. Thinking it might be time to maybe get a crate and crate train her. I dont like that but I really dont like coming home to see what she has chewed up next.

I am going to try and make a new recipe up this weekend, Maybe a new cornbread. We are southern and love our corn bread! It is absolutely yummy! God has blessed us with so many blessings in the last week, I an so thankful for that. I can not believe that he loves us so much that he wants us to only have the very best! This next week I am going to try each day and thank Jesus for each blessing I see, I have a feeling that I will be thanking him for everything! 🙂

Have an amazing weekend and remember, We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us!



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