Fablous Friday

Happy Fablous Friday Everyone!!! In our house, Friday is a fun day. We know that we can kick back after school, watch tv before bed and stay up a little later then we normally do! It is always a fun day for us. Saturday morning is a great day as well knowing that I can sleep until 7:30 without the dog in my face to say “mama time to wake up”

Speaking of dogs, We recently brought a new dog into our family, Maggie. She is absolutely adorable. She is a german shephard/golden retriever mix. She has the cutest ears and a mean bark. She was abused by someone at some time and as a result, she is afraid of EVERYTHING!!!! We have started to build up her confidence again. She is coming along just fine, the on ly thing complaint is that she is starting to have seperation anxiety. She has chewed the following items in the last few days: A Purple marker, my house slippers, Daddys house slippers and a few straggler toys from the kids. Thinking it might be time to maybe get a crate and crate train her. I dont like that but I really dont like coming home to see what she has chewed up next.

I am going to try and make a new recipe up this weekend, Maybe a new cornbread. We are southern and love our corn bread! It is absolutely yummy! God has blessed us with so many blessings in the last week, I an so thankful for that. I can not believe that he loves us so much that he wants us to only have the very best! This next week I am going to try each day and thank Jesus for each blessing I see, I have a feeling that I will be thanking him for everything! 🙂

Have an amazing weekend and remember, We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us!



17 days and I am 30!

AS I get closer to my 30th birthday, I am realizing that  I have changed so much over the last few years. It seems like yesterday I graduated high school, then got married and had a baby. That baby “A” is about to be 9 years old.  I am starting to be come more picky with my friends, my family and how things are done. I dont want to waste time with petty things anymore. I want to enjoy the life that God has given me so much. I see around me the beautiful place he put me into, he wanted me to be here and there has to be a reason, he has put people in my path that are meant to be met by me. I just need to figure out why! LOL

I am still unsure how to break into the new groups out here, My husband is not a DI or Drill Instructor. The DI families are so tightly knit, that if you are not married to a DI you are not in the cool club. I just dont want to mess with the pettiness of that. I want someone to be my friend becuse they like me alot, they love my company, and they kinda adore my family as well..

Upon looking at my next 30 years, I want to know that my life meant something to many people, I want people to always think the best of me. I want them to remember that I am funny, kinda kooky and just a bit crazy. I also want them to know that I love Jesus with all my heart, and that my family has been my inspiration to wake up every day, endure all the long hours and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I know in my next 30 years, time will fly so I am wise enough to try and enjoy every moment given to me.  For some reason, we forget that time is short, we live our daily lives with problems and forget all the blessings that are so much more important then that.  So in the next month, I am going to try and make a new friend out here and I hope that everyone can find one thing a day that is absolutely so amazing and you never even knew it was right in front of you!

Have an amazing day everyone!


Smith Family Buffalo Chicken Wraps

I am not a big fan of spicy. It just doesnt work for me. I have recently tried to start eating alot more diverse things. ONe thing we tried was Buffalo Chicken Wraps. I made the recipe from scratch. Just thinking of using the items that we have.

Chicken tenders
franks hot sauce

First I took chicken tenders and Franks Hot Sauce and put them in a bag and let them “soak” for about 2 hours. I then took the tenders all bright orange to the grill. This made them even more orange ha ha. I cooked until cooked through.  When all the chicken had been cooked, I started to assemble them!

When assembeling them, take your tortilla. Put in two chicken tenders, a small sprinkle of cheese, some shredded lettuce, and a drizzle of ranch dressing. ( my family doesnt like the taste of blu cheee, just dont care for it!)  Wrap up like a taco. They taste amazing, not too hot for our family.

We also do this same recipe with teriyaki marinade and they taste absolutely amazing, just a small hint of sweetness.