Almost 30 and so excited!!!

 Today is July 15th and the month well the whole year has just flown by quickly! I can not believe how fast it has gone by. It almost seems like when we found out we were moving, time went into fast forward. God has opened so many doors for us this year. It has been amazing. God can open so many doors to you and you will never know it. I have wanted to work for many months. I needed something that I could do from home as it is my husbands desire for me to be an at home mom.  I was offered a position with a popular phone company and I am soooo excited! I am able to make good income while working from home. It is amazing!  I am almost finished with my Associates Degree! I am so excited that God has given me the strength to be able to do it.  I want to be able to show my babies that it can be done to go to school, work and raise a family. I am also showing them that it is not exactly a carnival and it takes alot of hard work!  I have been busy working on new recipes to post! I have about 3 that I have created by myself and I am super excited to share these with you!

Hope that everyone has an amazing day, it is super rainy here and I dont care! Why? Because I know even when it is grey there is sunshine trying to break the clouds!

Smile and keep looking ahead!