Slow and Steady wins the race

Well Hello everyone! I know that I have been a little distant lately, I have been super busy trying to get involved with my new community along with trying to get involved with my new house. It is a weird feeling to just not feel at home in your home. I feel like a visitor in my new home. I am not comfortable yet. We got new neighbors just yesterday. It was weird meeting them and realizing that everything is the same between our families, same age kids, all the same sex as well. The wife is named Casey and so is my husband. The husband is not named Sonia so I guess we are ok there ha ha ha ha ha. God has been good to us here. We are seeing much favor in our new home. We just adopted a new dog this last friday. I prayed for God to show us a new dog and for her to be perfect for us. This was on Thursday. On friday I found maggie and now we have a shephard mix with a super sweet personality. She is very much my dog. Daddy trys to play with her.She just kind of wags her tail to him and then runs back to me. She is a very shy 10 month old. She trys to play with Bella but poor thing, she doesnt realize that she is 45 lbs and Bella is only 8 lbs. ha ha ha. Well I hope to be able to post alot more. Pictures to come with Miss Maggie! She is a cutie! 🙂

– Sonia