Boxes, Boxes and oh some more boxes!

One thing about a military move is that you learn how to un pack really quick. I had unpacked two boxes in under 5 minutes, the movers were shocked. It only encouraged them to bring the boxes in more quickly! Today is a day of unpacking and doing laundry. I know, please stop it! Please stop being soooooo jealous of me! LOL I totally would! Well I actually do like putting things in new places and it is kinda fun to re decorate a new house. My bedroom here in South Carolina is alot bigger then it was in California. Although we allowed our daughter to have one of pieces, since her room is the guest room. We anticipate alot more guest now that we are closer to our families.  My kids first day of school went great! Lele had a blast, she made two new friends. I am so thankful that she has made them! When we walked in her class, all the little girls waved at her, they couldnt wait to talk to her! I love that!!! Dizzle didnt miss a beat when walking in and just making friends left and right! I love that too! Well, I got to start getting my babies ready, another short post today! Maybe tomorrow I can show some pictures of things we have moved and decorated our home with!


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