The start of normal….. Well Sort of!

Today the kids start school. They are nervous, I am nervous. It is just like the first day of school. Well I guess it is the first day of school. Ok to stop the rambling now. HA HA HA. I am watching my house fill up with all of my posessions. It is nice to see my stuff again. It is funny though, we are looking at things like, do you remember what that is??? My poor coco, he is looking at things and getting so excited, but he is banned to the kitchen. We are waiting on pizza to arrive, we like to help feed our movers, We feel so helpless watching people move things. I guess that isj ust us. Daddy got a big grin on his face watching his “babies” be wheeled into the back yard. What, why the puzzled look? Daddy has babies- His grills lol. Well todays post is going to be short and sweet, Thank you Jesus for your amazing love and grace!


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