Moving into a new home is a process for most, For Military families it is secod nature! We know that when the TMO truck comes and all the furniture is taken away it is time for the lawn chairs and plastic tote tables. We are in our new home and can I say, God has blessed us with soooo much more then we could have ever asked for! I am in just shock!!! I am so thankful for all the wonderful moments it took to get to our new home. We stopped in Houston to visit family for Easter.

We then went to Louisana to visit my husbands family! They are so awesome! I am so glad that I married into that family! They are so funny and we acutally realized that my husband is alot like them in many ways! Here is pics along the way!

We then went to Alabama to visit more of my husbands family! We had a blast there too! We were right in the middle of the Tornado warnings. It was scary, my babies were scared out of their mind. The have never been in that situation especially since they have been in Cali their whole life! Or most of it!
Here are some pictures from that leg of the trip:

These are pictures from Georgia, it was so sad to see the horrible devistation that the Tornado had done.  I am sure that God had his hands on us as we were in a very short distance from the tornados that hit in Alabama.

All in all our trip was fun! Filled with lots of family and alot of scared times as we were scared, nervous and waiting for our time to get our house. Our trip ended on Thursday as we drove up to our new house and it was so much fun! Friday we got to go inside and like I have said, it was so much more then we could have ever asked for!

On a side note, Today is my sons birthday! He is 3 today! It is so crazy to think that my family became completely complete 3 years ago!!! Have a great day everyone!! Another crazy day here in the smith family!


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