Hoppy Easter!

Today we celebrate the fact that our Lord and Savior raised from the death and showed that he could beat death. As our pastor said today, you cant keep a good man down! Amen!!! We love to play Easter Bunny for our babies. We or the Easter Bunny…. excuse me ha ha ha. He brought some great candies that daddy likes. He brought some stuff i like too. Imagine that! But the best part of his gifts was the great childrens bibles my babies got! I got A an adventure bible for 9-12. For B , he got an adventure bible for 4-7 yrs old. They were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny was loving Jesus just like us 😉
Happy Easter and celebrate the living God and Thank you Jesus fo your loving grace and mercy! He is Risen!!!!

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We left our temporary home!

It is crazy! As military families, we are not afforded the luxuriea of having homes in the same home town as our families, often we have to move constantly. We were not moving anywhere a few months back, then one day my husband comes home and says guess what, we are moving to South Carolina! I just kinda look at him and say ok, when? He smiles and says in 3 weeks! Really? 3 weeks? I have done things in 3 weekz but move my entire family of 5 across the country? Oh my goodness. It was an adventure I was ready to do! I will update everyone on our adventure!

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