Boogers, Burps and other unmentionables….

A group of friends took our children to the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana, Ca. yesterday. That was an adventure if we have ever had one! It was super fun to watch the children run around and have a great day. I actually thought we would be able to walk through and have fun, no children being bad, everyone walking and listening. It was quite the opposite, I mean dont get me wrong everyone was great, no bad kids. They were doing exactly what they were supposed to, explore and learn! I like things to be a bit more organized and it wasnt but I have to say it was super fun anyways!

We learned about all different bodily functions in the Grossology section of the museum. We learned alot about planets, rocket ships ( they completely stink! YUCK) and Dinosaurs. WE did a couple of fun research exibits with the dinosaurs. It was fun running around with our fun wand waving it in the face of different bones and dinosuars. i just keept thinking that if they were real, we proably wouldnt be waving our magic wand in their faces. WE would have run! ha ha ha!!

My daughter was so excited, she took pictures of the whole family and the whole day. I will share a couple! šŸ™‚

Ok this is me driving Daddy’s Truck! Lexis said mom smile!
This was after Lunch, Coco was so not having fun now, he was tired! šŸ˜¦

This is one of my good friends Andrea! I love her!

These are some of the amazing planets we saw, they were so beautiful!

I totally cheated for dinner, We had Taco Bell, apparently it was so great Lexi had to take a picture of it lol

Not quite sure what she was doing, I guess she was bored! HA HA HA HA

We are total goof balls! She wrote as a cation, Nobody NOSE the things we have seen! LOL I want to say something like, We dont mean to be boogers just having fun ha ha ha ha

So as you can see our day was filled with alot of fun! I just hope that it was a memory that my children can cherish for a lifetime. Hope everyone has an amazing day! Now to start thinking about our Thankful Thursday!!!!


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