Starting the week off right!

I love to start my week off right! I love Sunday mornings when we all get dressed, get all our Sunday bests on and head out. In a perfect world, we would all glide every so gracefully and get everything out and ready, head to church singing praises to Jesus our King and have a great day. In our reality, we are rushing, yelling, fighting and then getting to church, straighting our clothes and putting a smile on our face. It makes me so sad that, it happens that way. I always want to praise Jesus in what I do but I know alot of times I am not doing a very good job. Our wonderful pastor gave a great message today about how with the knowledge and word from Jesus, we should be more powerful in the world, We should automatically know that if we get sick, we are healed in Jesus name, We should never want to be poor, In Jesus name, we are to be wealthy in mind, body and spirit!

I am proclaiming that Jesus helps with our debt and helps to make us whole money wise. We are still struggling with our finances from our youth. We never really saved money, we were very in the heat of the moment. If we wanted it, and we had the money IT WAS GOING HOME WITH US THAT MOMENT.

I hope that with prayer ( I actually KNOW that with prayer) that Jesus will help to heal our finances. If you are feeling the pinch of the economy meltdown, get on your knees and PRAY!!!

We have a super busy week this week! I will be posting different adventures we go through this week! HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY AND GET SOME REST! Your body will thank you for it! 🙂


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