Something for Fridays??????

I am a very busy woman, This year I am trying to learn how to cut things down and just chill out! I like to do a million things all at the same time and it is just not a good thing. I mean really who needs to do 1 million things a day? Ok, I do lol!!!!! As a mom of 3 I am naturally extremely busy. I am having to try to take it slow now also because my 2 year old is potty training! He is very capable of doing it, I just dont want him to ha ha. I guess I am scared to let my poor baby actually grow up. He is my last baby. When we had him, I told my husband, The next newborn that is in our bloodline we hold in our arms will be our grandbabies! That is absolutely amazing to us.

ok, so I am trying to figure out something fun for Fridays— Wow that isnt obvious is it ha ha ha.
How about FUN FRIDAY? I need something fun to start the weekends. It is the hardest when daddy is gone. He would usually be hanging out with us vegging on the couch and just being daddy. It is hard during the school time when we have acutal down time. It will be hard this fall as our first son is playing football! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! I mean I love football and everyone who knows me knows this ( you now know me! 🙂 ) My favorite team is Cowboys. I just feel so bad because if someone loves football more then me it is daddy! He so wishes he could see his son play a great sport! We have our kids lives planned out ( as most parents do right, or are we the only weirdos? LOL) My daughter Lele will be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Dizzle will be a Quarterback and Cody will be the defensive lineman all for the Cowboys! ha ha ha! Wow what a dream! I mean I will end up with a teacher, doctor and lawyer! And you know what I will still be so very proud of that!!! I LOVE MY CHILDREN and I cant believe that God blessed me so very much with an amazing family! I guess in order to run this family I need to get busy! Hope you have a fantablous Friday!- Hmmm I like Fantablous Fridays too! HA HA HA


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