Ahhh the smell of school in the air….

I can totally tell that school is just around the corner for us! We live on a military base and during the begining of the summer, all the houses around you simply become vaccant. It is an amazing process that happens almost over night, all the 18 wheelers come by and the family just vanishes over night. It is quite a process actually! It is almost evenly amazing when you wake up and find out that there is a new family moving into that house that stayed vaccant for how ever many weeks. I went out to bring the garbage cans in just now and saw an 18 wheeler trying it’s best to not hit any vehicles as it was trying to fit its big rig down our little street. It makes me wonder how much our walls actually see. What kind of energy they hold in the little holes ( that are more then likely covered with white toothpaste because that is a big military family secret) how much love these walls might have seen and how much fighting they might have heard. It also makes me wonder how much crying and broken hearts the walls have heard and tried to stand taller even though they were sad as well. Our Military life can be filled with alot of heart breaking moments. it is just a way of life for us. I believe it makes us stronger though. If we can make our way though a 6 month deployment, we really can make our way through anything.

I can tell that fall is coming closer because I can see all the fall decorations around! IT MAKES ME SUPER EXCITED because I know my husband is one step closer to being home. 😉

Well, we got sick on Sunday, all 4 of us got a yucky stomach bug, thankfully our youngest didnt have it coming out either end but he had a whinny attitude, and he had every right, I mean when you just dont feel good it feels good to not be nice. If that makes any sense at all. ha ha ha

Well, I am thinking of starting a weekly Thankful Thursday post. I mean everyone is excited for Friday to come, How about the day before??? I am posing we start a Thankful Thursday!
Look for my post tomorrow for what I am thankful for! I hope everyone has an amazing day and start counting your blessings for they are more then you could ever expect! 🙂

Have a great day!


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