Save, save and dirty,and give away!

As the new school year approaches, we are dilligently going through clothes and trying on this, nope my love I can see your belly button ( my daughter is so ok with that at 7 -> I just shake my head and say a loud NO) My 4 almost 5 year old is completely oblivious to anything fashion. He thinks everything goes together, God bless his wonderful wife to be one day with amazing fashion and help him to dress! 🙂

I have been trying to teach my babies a great life lesson because when we release things and bless others, we are opening our hearts for blessings from God. He wants to bless us so much and we just need to show that our way is open to receive. My children are wanting to give away a lot of toys and their clothes because they want to usher in the new.

I feel this is an important lesson for adults too. I know I love to pack rat everything. Do you? Do you have a hard time to give away your items that aunt Frannie gave you 10 years ago for your 25Th birthday and it was just so special it stayed in the box for the whole 10 years in case you needed or pretended to need to use it? What if someone is looking for that particular item? Our memories are in our heart not in our junk. It may be precious but your not using it, why not bless someone with it? God may be trying to give you some blessings but doesn’t want to continue to add to the clutter we call precious memories. Everyday is a new day to make memories. Make the memories and add them to your heart! I am going to give a big challenge to my blog readers, I ask that you can try to part with a grocery bag full of clutter and let the blessings start flowing your way!

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂


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