Hi! Welcome to my first post! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Sonia. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. We have 2 boys ages 4 ( almost 5) and 2. We have one daughter who is 7 going on 30!

I am married to a Marine. We live in California. We are transplanted from the great state of Texas. We are trying to make the best of a not so great situation.

I have been a Christian for 19 years. My walk has not always been great or close with Jesus. Sometimes that happens with younger people, has that ever happend to you? We recently, in Febuary, started to go back to church. We found an amazing church that just took us in with open arms. I feel it is so important to get our children in a loving church family where they feel the love of Jesus.

So this blog will be about the daily adventures of my family, the craziness we endure and our walk with the all mighty Jesus. I hope to be able to post recipes, craft projects, and definetly some scriptures that really speak to me. If there is anything that you might want me to post please let me know! I can’t wait to get to know everyone on my new journey!


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