Crazy Monday Morning….

You know, it can be very hard to be calm with your children when they are running in three different directions and all wanting to do their own things. It is even worse when they are at the commisary! I totally look like that horrible mom who just doesnt want to control her children. I needed pullups, I just didnt think that a cart warranted a lonely package of pull ups. It sure didnt need my energy. I just loved the pure pittiful looks that the great June Cleaver moms gave me. Oh well anywho, I know my children are amazing and that they were not doing much wrong. They are living in their own world most days, they day dream and have a great life!

I was just watching my daughter make lunch for her and her brothers. She is quite the little helper! My children love to try and do their part for me when my husband leaves. He has been gone since May. My daughter loves to try and cook, clean and fold clothes. She wants to dearly help with laundry. I just keep shaking my head and telling her she has a life time to do it. I mean actually she cant even reach the knobs to turn on the washer. She is a tiny little bit! She weighs 38 lbs and just got out of 5T’s. ha ha ha

I am just thankful that God blessed me with amazing children who love and are eager to help. If you are a mom, hug you children, They are blessings straight from God himself! 🙂


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